The dashboard above allows you to search for every NFL quarterback from 1950 through the present, so long as that quarterback has at least one career game with five or more true attempts (rushes, passes, and sacks).

Total Yards Added (TYA) relies on basic box-score statistics relative to the league average during the year in question. It’s broken into two components — Rushing Yards Added (RYA) and Passing Yards Added (PYA) — that are added together for the resulting TYA metric. Zero is always the league average, and positive scores indicate above-average contributions.

RYA = (Individual True Rushing Yards per Attempt – League-Average True Rushing Yards per Attempt) * Rushing Attempts

True Rushing Yards per Attempt = (Individual Rushing Yards + 20 * Rushing Touchdowns – 10 * Fumbles) / Rushing Attempts

PYA = (Individual True Passing Yards per Attempt – League-average True Passing Yards per Attempt) * True Passing Attempts

True Passing Yards per Attempt = (Passing Yards + 20 * Passing Touchdowns – 45 * Interceptions – Sack Yardage) / ( Pass Attempts + Sacks)